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San Francisco Bay is often referred to as a “world-class sailing venue.” So what does that mean? The Bay is magnificent, the sights are amazing, and the conditions are dynamic, to say the least. Winds can regularly exceed 25 knots, especially May through September.

Depending on the activity, and the configuration of the sail or power boat you will be on, you can expect a range of conditions. Be prepared with layered clothing: wind and water resistant pants, a wicking base layer, a “puff” or fleece mid-layer and a wind and water resistant jacket.

​Shoes with soft, light soles that won’t mark white or wood decks, llke sailing or tennis shoes are ideal. (please no heels, even if they look awesome) If your shoes, clothing or accessories can’t get wet, probably best to leave them ashore. Not that they will - but they might.

We always wear - and require our guests - to wear life jackets. If you have one that you prefer, feel free to bring it. Otherwise, they will be provided.

Bring a hat (just make sure it won’t blow away), sunglasses and sunscreen.

The UVA filters in suncreen tend to give yellow stains to your clothes, upholstery and the decks of boats. Please do not apply spray products while on or near boats. Make sure lotions are absorbed, otherwise stains can be caused if fabrics or surfaces come into contact with the skin.

Food and drink while underway should be easy to deal with in the wind and the waves of the Bay. Think finger foods that won’t blow away! Most boats have refrigeration, some rely on coolers/iceboxes. While people rarely experience sea-sickness on our boats, please moderate intake of alcoholic beverages, as booze can dramatically contribute to the problem. Please have water or soft drinks available.

Please, no red wine. Even a small spill stains gelcoat, wood and fabrics and leads to expensive cleaning or replacement charges.

If you have any questions at all, call or email.

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